Extra Life 2018 Challenge

Welcome to Extra Life 2018! We’ve got a brand new challenge map for you, courtesy of admin dancingn27 *applause*

But first, let me tell you why we do this…

What is Extra Life?
Extra Life is a 24 hour gaming charity event that raises money for the children’s hospitals within the Children’s Miracle Network. We will be playing in dedication of our dear friend Jackson_Wilson whom we lost back in 2015 after his battle with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that mostly affects children between the ages of 10 to 20. Jackson was an amazing friend to everyone on the server. He was always so helpful to everyone, and very welcoming to new players. He often organized group projects that had to do with reusing and recycling in-game materials, and helping others. He was also our group historian, and had been in the process of chronicling our group’s history before he became too ill to continue.

Losing Jackson was very hard on us as a group. It was our first experience with the loss of one of our players turned friend, and proved just how close a group of internet friends can become despite the distance between us. Jackson’s presence can still be felt even on our newest map, AquaNu where the Jackson Memorial Highway runs through the nether network. Little things like that continue to keep his spirit alive and with us. We remember him the most this time of year as autumn was his favorite season, and Halloween the holiday he loved best of all. We’re proud to dedicate this year’s event to him by donating to the hospital he spoke so highly of while receiving treatment.

2018 Challenge Map: Waterworld

After stripping the planet bare of valuable resources and the melting of the polar ice caps, most of the globe is underwater. Some humans have survived, and even fewer still have adapted to the ocean by creating their own land.  You have been granted a plot of the ocean and a bit of land to start. Can you survive? Welcome to WaterWorld!

How it works:
You will spawn at the Command center where you will have access to your plot. You must follow the following rules and complete the following tasks to conquer WaterWorld.

Game rules in effect are the following:

  • mobGriefing = false
  • Difficulty = normal
  • Pvp = disabled
  • keepInventory = false *Be careful when you die!

There are only 20 personal plots in the complex. Each plot can hold a team of 1-3 players. If all 20 plots are occupied and we still have people wanting to join the challenge we may ask teams that have not reached the 3 person maximum to offer a spot to any additional challengers. This way everyone gets a chance to play and contribute.

From your command block at the command center you will spawn on an unlit island that contains exactly one stack of grass/dirt.  You will find no more dirt or grass available in your plot so be careful!

The only CB you will find in your plot will give you access to your own personal Extra Life villager.  No other player will be able to access your plot or your villager hut. Anything within your plot is free game for you until you hit bedrock. You will not be able to access any blocks outside of your plot.
Do not climb over or through side walls to other player plots. Doing so will result in immediate disqualification.

Throughout your designated plot, there will be hidden chests filled with items you will need to fulfill your requirements. You will not be able to find items anywhere else on the map. There are no additional ores or stones hidden beneath the sand so use your precious few resources wisely.
Hint: they are NOT underground below the water table.


Did you know that you can create air bubbles using signs?

Extra Life Vendor:
As mentioned above, each plot of land has it’s very own villager. This villager is special indeed as he will not be accepting your stack of cobblestone. Instead he only accepts a very special “Life Crystal” that can only be obtained through experience OR (this is the best part) in the spirit of the charity we are doing this all for, by donating to the Some Awesome Minecraft’s Extra Life donation page! For every $1 dollar donation you pledge you will receive 1 precious Life Crystal to trade with your villager. Did you lose your bucket? Step on a seedling? Your tree didn’t drop a sapling? Dug up all your grass? Your villager has them and more, but they won’t be cheap. The Some Awesome team is trying to raise $1,000 this year and every dollar you donate to the group donation page goes straight towards the team goal, and 100% of that goes to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. There can not be a better way to turn a day of fun and a few bucks into a good cause.

Challenge Goals:
The challenge goals are broken up into building challenges, and an extra credit challenge.

  • Building Challenge
    • A house with the following requirements. Your house must include a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and one bedroom per team member.  Each bedroom must have ONE bed.
    • Cobblestone Generator
    • Mob Box or Mob Dropper. No automated collection of ANY KIND.
    • An above ground aquarium with at least 6 fish
  • Farms/Crops Collection. No automated farms of ANY KIND.
      • Melons: Collect 64 Melon Slices
      • Pumpkin: Collect 64 pumpkins
      • Sugarcane: Collect 64 Sugarcanes
      • Wheat: Collect 64 Wheat
      • Carrot: Collect 64 Carrots
      • Potato: Collect 64 potatoes
      • Beets: Collect 64 Beets
      • Cocoa Beans: Collect 64 Cocoa Beans
      • Netherwart: Collect 64 Netherwart
      • Cactus: Collect 64 Cactus
      • Chorus Fruit: Collect 64 Chorus Fruit
      • Mushrooms: Collect 16 of the two different kinds
    • Food
      • Make 32 bread
      • Make 10 mushroom stew
      • Make 1 cake
      • Make 32 baked potatoes
      • Cook 32 chicken
      • Cook 32 steak
      • Cook 32 fish
      • Make 16 Dried Kelp Blocks
    • Wood:
      • Collect 64 of each wood type: Birch, Spruce, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak and Oak
    • Animals/Animal Drop:  (*Notice* Animals are limited to 2 of each type in your plot unless you are actively breeding them for food or resources.  When you log off the challenge map be sure to keep your numbers to 2 of each type. That doesn’t mean you can have 2 sheep of each color. 2 sheep.)
      • Have 2 Cows
      • Have 2 Chickens
      • Have 2 Pigs
      • Have 2 Sheep (of one color)
      • Have 2 Llamas
      • Have 2 Turtles
      • Have 2 Rabbits
      • Collect 32 leather
      • Collect 32 feathers
      • Collect 16 eggs
      • Collect 16 wool in EACH of the following colors: white, black, gray, light gray, lime, red, yellow, pink, magenta,  green, blue, and orange.
      • Collect 16 scutes
      • Collect 16 Rabbit hides
      • Collect 1 Rabbit foot
    • Crafting
      • Craft a white bed – (*Notice* If you have multiple people in your group each must have their own bed)
        Note: players are given a red bed to start. This bed does not count towards the challenge 
      • Craft 32 torches
      • Craft a furnace
      • Craft a crafting table
      • Craft 16 jack ‘o’ lanterns
      • Craft 16 paintings
      • Craft 16 stone buttons
      • Craft 64 stone bricks
      • Craft 64 stone slabs
      • Craft 16 stone pressure plates
      • Craft 16 signs
      • Craft 32 ladders
      • Craft 32 fences
      • Craft 16 fence gates
      • Craft 16 wooden pressure plates
      • Craft 16 trap doors
      • Craft 16 levers
      • Craft 16 bookcases
      • Craft 4 leads
      • Craft 32 glass
      • Craft 32 glass panes
      • Craft 8 of EACH stained glass in the following colors: white, black, gray, light gray, lime, red, yellow, pink, magenta,  green, blue, and orange.
      • Craft 32 purpur blocks
      • Craft 16 purpur stairs
      • Craft 16 purpur slabs
      • Craft 16 purpur pillars
    • Mob Collection/Challenge:
      • Collect 32 spider eyes
      • Collect 32 string
      • Collect 16 ender pearls
      • Collect 32 rotten flesh
      • Collect 5 iron ingots
      • Collect 32 bones
      • Collect 64 arrows
      • Collect 32 gun powder
      • Collect 32 glowstone dust
      • Collect a bow
      • Collect 32 redstone dust
      • Collect 16 phantom membranes
    • Potion Brewing: You have access to materials to make extended, thick, and splash potions. Any version of the following potions will count.
      • Brew 3 potions of speed
      • Brew 3 potions of instant health
      • Brew 3 potions of water breathing
      • Brew 3 potions of night vision
      • Brew 3 potions of poison
      • Brew 3 potions of weakness
      • Brew 3 potions of harming
      • Brew 3 potions of slowness
    • Redstone/Machinery:
      • 16 redstone torches
      • 4 dispensers
      • 4 redstone repeaters
      • 4 pistons
    • Fireworks Collection: Total of 32 Fireworks with a minimum of 8 different types (different colors, fade colors, shapes, and effects; will create different types)
      • At least 4 fireworks in a star shape
      • At least 4 fireworks in a burst shape
      • ‘At least 4 fireworks that crackle
    • Have a house containing 5 Snow Golems
    • Capture 1 zombie villager and cure him. (DO NOT cure more than 1 villager on your personal plot.)
      • Acquire 3 Sponges and a Trident

REWARDS: (rewards will be divided evenly between members of their team)
1st: 90 levels of XP on AquaNu, 30,000 points on SomeAwesome.com, and a $30 Amazon Gift Card
2nd: 90 levels of XP on AquaNu, and 30,000 points on SomeAwesome.com
3rd: 90 levels of XP on AquaNu

all participants get $2000 SAMCoin on top of what they get from donations

We have a poll up in our Facebook Group where you can add your desired Team Name. Have the members of your team vote on that poll item as your team members. We will do the rest. Remember there is a maximum of 3 players allowed per team. If you do not have a full team and another member would like to play but we are out of space, we may ask that they join yours.
If you are on a solo mission you may say no to additional members.

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