Build Wars 5 is Today

Though we didn’t get a lot of signups for today (and you can still sign up for Monday if you want) Build Wars is still on, starting at 3pm EST. We’ll see you then!

(if you’re reading this and it’s Monday, then tonight we start at 9:30pm EST)

Wait! What is Build Wars?

I know, I haven’t had much opportunity to explain this to the folks who are new to this, luckily the premise is pretty simple:

Everyone who participates gets assigned an area (this time it is 64×64 blocks) in which they will build their entry. Typically there is a theme to each build, and this time is no different.

Inside of each participant’s area, they are given Creative, which also means they can fly. Just be careful that you aren’t too high up in the air and leave the area, or you could end up like me…

Of course, even if you die, there’s no real consequence, other than having to rearrange your items again, but you know, every second counts.

Players are given 2 hours to complete their build. During this two hours, players must build as much of their concept out as they can. Once the time is up, players are kicked for a short time while we remove build permissions from all the areas. Then the players are allowed to come back on to take pictures of their build to submit for voting. You can take multiple pictures and pick one later, but all pictures must be in the Default texture pack with no shaders. We don’t want to give an edge to players with faster rigs that can render prettier graphics 😉

The Voting Phase

Once we have both days completed for the event, we will give a few days for everyone to get their pictures in order, and then we will post all of the images online for the public to vote on. Whoever gets the most likes on their picture of their build, wins first place, which is a $30 Amazon Gift Card.

Second place gets 30,000 points on (or just 30,000 SAMCoin if you are going to just transfer it over anyway, but let me know if that is the case) and third place gets 30 Levels of XP on the server.

Everyone who competes will receive 5,000 SAMCoin after the event is done for them on whichever day they picked.

I Feel Like I’m Missing Something…

You are! We haven’t told you what the theme is going to be yet. While we had considered snowmen, it’s kind of old hat at this point (see what I did there?) and I thought about a Valentine’s Day type of deal, but not everyone is into V-Day, so I met in the middle.

So yes, while the theme of the event is indeed about love, it’s more about the dark, obsessive side of love…namely, what are you obsessed about?

Do you own everything Harry Potter? Do you have the hots for Bruce Willis maybe? Why stop there, put both your obsessions together in one crazy shrine. Yippee Ki-Yay Hermione, that’s what I’m talking about.

Build a shrine to everything you obsess over, but remember, balance is key. Add too many pop culture references, and no one will understand what you’re going for. A solid mash-up is clever, so let your imagination run wild.

Oh Hey BTW the Rush Map is down

Yes that’s right, while we run the Build Wars event, we’ve taken the Rush Map offline, but after the competition is finished on Monday night, we’ll put it back up, with the new 19w08b snapshot ready for you to test your pillage-defenses.

Build Wars starts at 3pm EST today and runs until roughly 5pm (of course we wait a bit for stragglers so 2 hours from whatever time we start). We’ll see you there!



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