Quick March Update – OK, You Guys Win


So all the points are in over at SomeAwesome.com for this month’s patrons, and I’ve gotta say, they’re really starting to accumulate for some of you. Like getting closer to 6 digits than 5.

I’ve held out for as long as I can on this, and you guys have nagged me forever about it anyway. Plus, I’m looking to breathe some life back into the review site, so I made it a point to at least make this concession on my own terms.

? OK, Deep Breath ?

Starting next Monday, the Command Zone welcomes /fly to its repertoire.


Currently, the most expensive thing in the Command Zone is /superpickaxe, which is 2000 points for one day (and honestly I think there’s a bug I have to fix where it chops off 3 hours because of GMT vs EDT, I can take a look at the log and refund you hours) but that is now supplanted by /fly which will cost you 3000 points for the day (I promise to have that bug fixed by then ?).

Secret Beta testers are getting something…similar. Let’s just go with that for now. To be fair it isn’t very secretive so you’ll see it soon enough.


Is /home, but better. It’s unlimited /home.

What does that mean? Well when you use /sethome, you can add a name to the home after the command, e.g. “/sethome serverus” and then later find another place and use “/sethome family” instead. Then to move between them you would type “/home serverus” or “/home family“. Create as many of these as you like until this COTW is up. If it’s popular enough I’ll add it to the Command Zone (seriously, please go spend your points ?).

SmoothSleep is off now so prepare your evenings accordingly.

/hat is still on because /hat is always on.


You can find it here.

If you participated in the first part of the Build Wars challenge, then your creation is up to bat. Feel free to share your photo or the whole album, just be sure that all “Likes” (we technically count all FB reactions) are on the original photo inside the original album post.

Because it is a Sponsored Post, it will make its way via the social graph aka the Zucc Matrix of Doom and throw itself at the mercy of the open public (I narrowed the demographic down to only people who like Minecraft). I wish you well in your pleasing of the gods.

We will be putting a poll in the Facebook group shortly for the second round of Build Wars Part V with the same old question about what weekend works best for most folks. May the odds be ever in your favor.

I’m using way too many movie quotes here. Let’s move on.


SAMC veteran Blackbird_Cloud has accepted our offer to become our newest admin! Jen Madsen Seelaus is coming up on her 4 year badge with this group and makes up 50% of one of our most adorable server couples. She lives on the Mushroom Island we zoom away from at the end of every stream, and this week she’s getting her feet wet with all of our obscure and probably outdated process documents, so be nice you miscreants!

She’s also done a spectacular job on our St. Patrick’s Day holiday area that will be open starting Friday, March 15th, and lasting probably throughout the week? I don’t know we haven’t figured out the whole timetable yet.

Welcome Blackbird_Cloud to the team! ❤❤❤


Did I mention it’s been a Hell of a week? We’ll have more for you real soon!



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