Happy Anniversary SAMC!

6 Years! Wow we are old.

It has been quite the ride since we first opened the server back in 2013. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs over the years, but we couldn’t be happier with where we are today. Some of you have been here since the beginning (like our very first player and beloved admin Sarah “Akumo” Penney) and some of you have only been here a few months, but we wouldn’t have an anniversary at all if it wasn’t for the amazing support we get from you guys year after year. So thank you all for another trip around the sun for SAMC!

Every year we put up a throwback map and this year is no different (well maybe a tad different). It will be running on Spigot 1.13.2 so it’s also a nice little pre-test for moving Main onto the latest version too. We’ve taken down the Rush Map for a couple days but it will be back up (and at snapshot 19w14b) after the stream on Monday night.

Since the traditional six year gift is something made of iron, we’ve made it so that when you type /kit annie into chat, you will spawn your very own Iron Golem. This Kitz has a cooldown of 100 minutes, so feel free to use it more than once.  There’s also another new Kitz in the Serverus Shack, a one-time use providing you with a free $6000 SAMCoin, as our way of saying thanks for so many great years!

Of course, you could just use it to buy more Lucky Blocks in the Kitz a few signs over 😉

Wait! What are Lucky Blocks?

Oh yeah, I am SUPER BEHIND on announcements. Let’s get to those shall we?

Remember this post I made in March? Yeah well we finally got to implementing Lucky Blocks at the end of last month, which was kind of a blessing in disguise really, because we were also able to use them as part of April Fools week, since some of these blocks ain’t so lucky! You can get them occasionally from mining, or for $100 SAMCoin each in the Serverus Shack.

Speaking of blessings in disguise, since it is in fact April Fool’s week, we’ve turned on our perennial joke plugin, iDisguise! Turn yourself into any mob (except the ender dragon) and annoy or terrify your fellow player! To use it, type /d in the chat, followed by the mob you want to disguise yourself as. So if you wanted to be a blaze, type /d blaze into the chat. There should be a success message pop up when you’ve done it correctly, though you will not be able to see yourself as the mob. Everyone else will though 🙂

We’ll keep these on for the next couple of weeks since I’ve been slow to alert everyone to their presence. Watch out for some of those Lucky Block surprises though! Some will kill you, which is why we also have KeepInventory on for the time being too (only in the overworld of course as per usual).

Anniversary Map

Every year during our anniversary we would put up the first backup map we ever had, taken just a few days after we launched the server to the public back in April of 2013. This year I found one that is a backup of a few months later (more of you were on by this time). This is a chip off of Main, our very first world (and one that is raring up to make its comeback soon) and the previous home of the LeMorris Family when we played offline before all this.

The Anniversary Map will be where Tonya and I will be streaming during Minecraft Monday so if you’d like to join us over there, you can get to it by using six.smaws.me as the server address.

Buy Fly Time with SAMCoin

A month or so ago I talked about adding /fly to the Command Zone, but it ended up being more practical (and easier for people who didn’t have access to the Command Zone) to just add a plugin where you could instead buy blocks of flying time directly with your SAMCoin balance. To take advantage of this April offer, just user /flymenu in the chat.

You can choose between a 3 hour block for $500 or an 8 hour block for $1000. These are “real time” hours meaning that if you leave the game, the clock is still ticking, so pick wisely.

We’re doing some other interesting things with flying options right now as well that the Secret Beta folks are testing out for us, so look for more great stuff ahead!

Quick Notes

Here are a few small things that you might want to know, or you might not care at all about. That’s why they’re at the end of the article!

  • Redstone Block Sale Sign in the Serverus Shack works again
  • Get Fire & Ice Bows using the special kitz in the Serverus Shack
  • Points are in for Patreon Patrons over at SomeAwesome.com
  • We’ll be doing a stability update for Spigot and AWS tonight in the wee hours
  • Loot boxes are on the way for Awesome Tier patrons!


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