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Dear Diary, it has been 47 days since I last wrote to you…

We have a lot of catching up to do so let’s get right to the nitty gritty.

Rush Map Ends Sunday

And we’ve updated the Rush Map to 1.14.1!

Now that a stable 1.14.1 seems in the cards, and with our plugins getting updated (most of them anyway, more on that later) for compatibility, we find ourselves at the end of the road for yet another Rush Map. I’m sure when Microsoft starts putting out 1.15 a month from now we’ll have it available again. ?

Make sure that everything you plan on carrying over is on your person or in your enderchest by 11am EST Sunday morning. Nothing else you gathered on the Rush Map can make the trip. I will port your goodies over, once AquaNu is given a go to update, via my patented I AM YOU player data transfer method (basically I just copy your data onto my player file) and I will empty this out into a chest for you. I’ll reach out to you to see where you might want the chest to go.

In it’s place, we will be putting the official Minecraft 10th Anniversary map up and trying out some plugins in the meantime to see which ones will fit the bill for 1.14.1. That map will stay up for one week.


Updating AquaNu to 1.14.1

I know we are all anxiously awaiting this update, but we still have some plugins that are a bit behind, including:

  • Bottled XP
  • Treefeller
  • ItemRecycler
  • Ridables
  • TimedFly (aka /flymenu)
  • DoubleJump

We’ll be testing all our plugins on the 10th anniversary map once that is up. If we can all agree on alternatives or just plain old “doing without” for these plugins, and provided that the other plugins are up to snuff, we will look towards updating AquaNu sometime next weekend (likely Saturday, June 1).

New Bows at the Serverus Shack

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve replaced the entire wall of the Serverus Shack with fun new magic bows. Each one is 1000 SAMCoin and up to this point I hadn’t said exactly what each of them were, except to hint at it through their kitz names, but here’s what each of them do:

  • Fiyaz – Fire Bow (fire burst, area-of-effect burn)
  • Izez – Ice Bow (ice explosion, area-of-effect slow)
  • Acidz – Corrosive Bow (area-of-effect poison)
  • Zapz – Lightning Bow’lt (summons a lightning bolt)
  • TPz – Void Bow (teleports you to the arrow when it lands)
  • Threez – Trippple Bow (fires 3 arrows instead of one)
  • Gravz – Gravity Bow (attracts the target to your location)
  • Boomz – Explosive Bow (area-of-effect damage)
  • Rumblez – Earthquake Bow (summons a shockwave)

Patreon patrons on Gold and Awesome tiers can now enchant their special bows.

We’ll be swapping out bows every now and then for new ones. Grab yours while you can at the Serverus Shack today!

New Calendar

Are you sick and tired of missing events because you missed a post on the Facebook group? Well now you can just go to this page and take a look at what we’ve got going on for the month, as well as upcoming birthdays. I promise you we will try to keep it updated ?

We’ve Gone Double Secret

Not only are Secret Beta items now in your backpack (if you are on Awesome Tier) but on top of that, we’ve also changed the Facebook group from Closed to Secret. There was a practical reason for this but also I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now.

The reality is, for a while it has been rare for a person outside of this group, with no connection to anyone inside the group already, to pass our verification test. That being the case, we’re very happy with the caliber of players we have in the group already, and would rather lean on the side of exclusivity than risk having to deal with unvetted players.

People already in the group may invite others to the group without issue, and I prefer that the players hold the power of this server’s growth, since I trust you guys to pick people like yourselves to play with us.

Quick Notes

If you’ve read this far, you might still be interested to know the following quick tidbits:

  • KeepInventory is now OFF (please be careful!)
  • ItemRecycler list of allowed items has been updated
  • Command of the Week on Sunday will be SuperTrails
  • The stream on Monday will be located on the 10th anniversary map
  • Remember if you need some flying time, you can buy it with /flymenu

~ Serverus

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