Getting Ready for 1.14 + July Upcoming

There are months, and then there is June. Let’s look ahead to July shall we? I’d like that.

1.14 and the Amazing Technological Dreamcoat

This weekend is Link’s make-up birthday party, despite already making up for his original birthday plan (circumstances were just ugh) with a last-minute Orlando escapade skillfully put together by my ace in the hole, a.k.a. my wife, which Link had already said was the “best birthday ever”. But I’m a total pushover, and he’s a born salesman, so here we are. To wit, that means we’re scheduling a tentative AquaNu update to 1.14 over the holiday weekend, starting July 5th with a don’t build anything you’re in love with couple of days following that, just in case something corrupts and we have to do a rollback. That being said, with the exception of a couple non-essential plugins, things are shaping up pretty nicely according to current tests. So get ready for some Pandas Power.

AquaNu 616 is Still Up & Stable

Yes it’s a Marvel Universe joke, which I will not apologize for, even though it was pointed out to me by a few people that 616 is the canon universe, and this is a test server, so yeah, I’ve been better with clever names.

Anyway, in case you don’t know, we have a 1.14 server up and running that is a copy of AquaNu. Everyone has Creative over there, so feel free to fly around and scope stuff out. Once we’ve migrated the true AquaNu over, you can go claim land that you might have seen over on the other server. Everybody is once again going to get one free claim so make sure you have those coordinates ready, and we do expect you to be at the coordinates you want to request a for when we go to mark it off (or if you’re logged off, we can see the coords you last logged off at). The trick is making sure you can get to those coords quick enough to claim your spot, but not before we switch over (because then they’d end up being 1.13 loaded chunks) so you’ll need to stay frosty yo.

You can visit the test server at If you have trouble getting on, let me know.


If you logged into the Rush Map at any point, and you have stuff in your inventory, you will receive those items in a shulker box which will be placed in your backpack. If your inventory overflows into your enderchest, you will receive two shulker boxes in your backpack with said items. Obviously you can’t have more stuff than that, so two is the max you can get. I will be personally taking on this responsibility and it is a little tedious so please bear with me on that once 1.14 is deemed a sure thing.

End of July Steam Run

We owe you guys for sticking with us through this fraught and frustrating year so far so what better way to make it up to you than with a juicy 1.14 Steam Run. I can say with conviction that it will not be as bonkers as the last one, but I can assure you it will still be worth your while. If you’re new and you don’t know what a Steam Run is yet, check out the video of January’s run below for a general idea.

Sign ups for the Steam run will be available once we do the Facebook poll for best two days. As per usual, Awesome Tier players will be able to attend both days of the run if they can make it (as of the time of this writing, there are currently 4 more slots available for Awesome Tier so try not to lollygag if you want one).

There’s More on the Way!

I know the admin ladies have a bunch of stuff in the pipeline with regards to Fourth of July, plus we’ll be revealing a fantastic new Secret Beta, an updated Command of the Week ( /firework ), Serverus Shack updates for the holiday, and whatever groveling I have to do to ensure that everyone continues to like me, because I have a fragile ego and need constant validation that I’m not a fraud ?

Seriously though, I can only thank you guys for your continued support and dedication to this server yet again, another month going, while Tonya and I continue to navigate this minefield that is currently our lives. I’m not necessarily trying to be dramatic here or anything, we’re not asking for pity, but we certainly appreciate your patience, and we just want you to know it.

So now, here is a video salute to all our players…

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