Steam Run & Mid-Month Updates

Get Ready for the Summer Steam Run

The poll has been taken and it looks as if next weekend is the best time for everyone, so we’re making the formal announcement now that Saturday, July 20th at 3pm and Monday, July 22nd at 9:30pm (aka Minecraft Monday stream time) are the days that will be available to choose from.

Like the previous Steam Run back in January, entrants may choose one of the two days to sign up for, using the form at the end of this article. Patreon patrons on the Awesome Tier may participate on both days of the event, so there is no need to submit the form if you are on the Awesome Tier, just show up, however you should know that superpickaxe will not be enabled for this event.

The play area will be smaller this time around, and we won’t be going as bonkers as last time with the special block/item density (I’ve finally learned how to use proper percentages for replacing stone). However as per usual, you can expect to find plenty of goodies, including 60 hidden Steam keys in each run. These keys will be placed in books, that are then placed in chests, so keep an eye out for these. If you don’t know how to redeem a Steam key in order to get a game from it, check out the video below.

If you’d like to sign up for either day of the Steam Run, use the form at the end of this article to do so. Any questions, feel free to ask in the Facebook group.

New Kitz in the Serverus Shack

Now that we’ve all settled into 1.14, I’ve taken it upon myself to add some new thingies to the Serverus Shack. If you’ve got some SAMCoin burning a hole in your pocket, head on down to the shack (located right outside the command tower) and right-click on a sign to get yourself a little something.

I’ve removed all the super bows except for one, which is obviously the one that everyone likes using ?

Normally I don’t reveal what the kitz are except for hints in the name of the kitz themselves but this week I feel like being a bit more transparent so here they are:

  • Clipz – $1000 SAMCoin: Unbreakable Shears of Death (unbreakable, sharpness 5, can only be purchased once)
  • Flyz – $1000 SAMCoin: Elytra (can only be purchased once a day)
  • Swimz – $500 SAMCoin: Turtle Helmet (can only be purchased once a day)
  • Ballz – $50 SAMCoin: Gets you one Fireball (right-click to throw, don’t use it in close quarters)
  • TPz – $1000 SAMCoin: The Void Bow (shoot it and you will teleport to where the arrow lands)
  • Catz – $500 SAMCoin: 2 cat spawn eggs (can only be purchased once a day)
  • Pandaz – $500 SAMCoin: 2 panda spawn eggs (can only be purchased once)
  • Foxez – $500 SAMCoin: 2 fox spawn eggs (can only be purchased once)

Quick Notes

Here’s some stuff you may or may not care about. That’s why it’s at the end of the article!

  • SA points are in since Thursday, convert to SAMCoin, use Command Zone or grab some games!
  • We’ll be showing off how to use the Secret Beta goodies on Monday’s stream so if you’re confused by them, tune in!
  • Command of the Week starting on server restart Sunday night is SmoothSleep.
  • I have ethernet back in my office so no more frame drops or spotty voices. YAY!

Steam Run Sign Up Form

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