SAMCity + August Updates


A few days ago a handful of you guys were discussing the options behind getting some sort of map system drawn up. Truth be told, for a long time now I’ve had my eye on Dynmap as a fun little aside for us to play around with, but for many years it just wasn’t feasible with our hosting plan, or the timing just wasn’t right, or some other convenient obstacle for me to make an excuse out of. But with me already having to make a copy to test 1.14.4 and experimental WorldGuard builds, I took a page out of Ol’ Jack Burton’s playbook and said “What the Hell”.

So here we are, it isn’t much yet, the process is a little clunky (I’m open to suggestions if any of you have used Dynmap before) and it seems to take an awfully long time when I can tell it’s working at all (the plugin is still heavily in development for 1.14) but it’s pretty cute and it has a lot of useful features and it LOOKS LIKE SIMCITY so I kind of had to roll with it. I’ll keep you posted as when I feel it’s really in the stages for public consumption.


Speaking of public consumption, we’ve got that copy up over at and we need testers to check out plugin compatibility, especially for WorldGuard. So if you have a property or two that’s deep in the WG biz-nass, we need your feedback!

Other plugins we will need some detective work on are the following:

  • BottledExp
  • MoarBows (that Void Bow in particular)
  • Backpacks
  • Item Recycler
  • FlightPlus

That’s right, the new TimedFly is called FlightPlus and it is better than ever! Use /flight to bring up the menu to purchase time in chunks of 3 or 8 hours. While we’re looking to just test out the basic flight functionality at the moment, we’ll have more announcements to make with this little plugin later on.


If you’re still looking for new digs on a second claim, you’re now in luck with a quick teleport out to 300k, 300k to speed up your research and development time. Can be found on the Community CB floor in the Command Tower, please try to venture out a bit from the teleport destination point so you’re not cramming up against anyone else please!


We’re making some slight changes to Patreon based mostly on what we’ve found are less-than-sustainable rewards (which is a fancy way of saying I’m lazy) but the changes are mostly just good for you so let’s just jump into it.

  • Tier points are now 300 (Standard), 2000 (Silver), 5000 (Gold) and 10000 (Awesome) which are all increases over the previous amount (except Standard) because I hate doing math and adding points to your totals makes me break out the calculator sometimes, not because I can’t do the addition in my head but because after doing this for 20 people my mind is done with math for the day ?
  • Command Zone is now available for all Patrons (previously was Silver and up)
  • The newsletter that we never seem to send (because people rightfully complained that patrons got critical news before they did) is being replaced by Patron Posts. From now on, if I need to pass on information related to your tier or higher, it will be done in tier-locked posts on the Patreon page.
  • Player Heads will be removed except for Awesome Tier. This was just too difficult to keep up with.

Aside from this, everything else stays mostly the same, although we’ve added a lot of great benefits to most of the tiers since we started. We’ll be creating a reference page for this in the Facebook group soon so you can keep track of all the goodies you are eligible for.

As per usual, you’ve got a couple days left if you need to change your Patreon pledge or you want to upgrade your tier for August. We’ve got a previous secret beta coming back into play for next month and there are only 3 spots left for Awesome Tier available so get yours while you can!


Here’s some other things that you may not care about, that’s why they’re at the end of the article!

  • Command of the Week is Marriage Master (starting tonight on restart)
  • Steam Run video highlight reel is in the making
  • Kumo’s Redeemer (from the Steam Run Kumo Maze) is now available in the Serverus Shack!
  • Each player has been given $100,000 on the test server so go ahead and get your Brewster’s Millions on!

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