I Made a Mini Me


Have you been noticing the disappointing lack of me on the server? I know I have, but soon you will go without no longer! Say hello to Servbot 9000, the all-purpose digital companion that does many things, including:

  • Allows you to breathe underwater
  • Gives you night vision below Y-Level 55
  • Increases your luck with mob drops
  • Runs your own personal lottery (every 10 minutes there’s a chance to win 100 SAMCoin)
  • Comforts you with his classic and debonair good looks


You can expect to see this handsome devil in the next couple of weeks. Save those SAMCoins!


We finally have a decent system working for the SAMCity map which is being rendered over on the alt server using Dynmap. However it requires manual intervention on my part to get your property in the queue so let me know whether you want your claim rendered by messaging me or posting in the Facebook group. You can click here to check out the map from spawn center. We’ll be adding more waypoints and additional features as time goes on to effect better navigation for the new players.

We don’t have a final process outlined yet to address a map tile update timeline but we will keep you apprised of that once we’ve figured it out.


After the stream tonight we will be updating AquaNu to 1.14.4 which means the server will be down for a short bit while we do this. FlightPlus will also be turned on, but since it has logout and portal bugs, we will be reducing the interval and cost of the flight tiers, so if you run into a glitch it isn’t so bad. Please take some time once this is complete to check your properties for bugs. While we have tested fairly extensively over on the alt server, we cannot guarantee a 100% bug free experience once applied.


Even quicker this time since it didn’t take me 3 weeks to post again!

  • Points are in over on SomeAwesome.com
  • We finally have subscriber badges for the Twitch channel
  • Command(s) of the Week are /workbench and /enderchest


* Literally nothing other than what is listed

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  1. Is this an article? - Some Awesome Minecraft February 9, 2020 10:11 pm  Reply

    […] Servbot: If you haven’t gotten one of these yet, now you can buy them from the shack. If you do already have one, don’t try to buy a second one, that won’t work, and will probably take your money anyway – $2000 SAMCoin – One time purchase – Go here for more info on Servbot […]

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