Extra Life 2019

We’re a little late to the party this year, but that’s right friends, we ARE in fact participating in Extra Life 2019! We promise a full day of fun with a brand new custom challenge map, but first…let us tell you what Extra Life is, and why we do this.

Extra Life is a 24 hour charity event that raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network, a network that raises funds for treatments, research and education for 170 children’s hospitals throughout the US and Canada. As parents you know there is nothing more frightening than your child being in the hospital, it’s comforting to know that there are charities like this working hard to help our kids.

We suffered our own loss as a group in 2015 when we lost our dear friend Jackson Wilson to Ewing Sarcoma, which is a rare form of cancer that mostly affects children between the ages of 10 to 20. As a part of our gaming community, Jackson was a big advocate for community projects. He was always one of the first people to welcome a new player and help get them started. He set up “Helping Hands” to aid other players if they needed help terraforming their land or collecting materials. He loved history and began working on a project to chronicle the server and group history. He adored Halloween and was naturally know as the Pumpkin King.  When Jackson informed us that he was sick. he told us that playing on the server during treatments helped get him through some of the hard times. He knew he had friends  from all over who were rooting for him, and doing whatever they could to keep him company while he was undergoing treatments. We celebrated Jackson when he was in remission, and realized that even though it was mainly through a computer screen we had this wonderful community to share our lives with, and how lucky we were to have each other. Unfortunately the cancer came back and took Jackson from us. His presence is ever felt on any new map we start, with the Event Museum he started on Main, the Jackson_Wilson Memorial Library we built on NuNu in his honor, and the Jackson_Wilson Memorial Highway on AquaNu. He was a beloved member of the community and a true friend. We won’t forget him, and we dedicate our participation in Extra Life to him.

For Extra Life 2019 we bring you another custom challenge map built by our dedicated and talented admins. Skyblock is always a fan favorite, and we love doing it, so we’re bringing it back…with a twist! Villagers and Pillagers! We couldn’t leave out one of my personal favorites in combat updates. The addition of Pillagers and the new villager trading system offers a whole new list of challenges and excitement that should keep you busy for at LEAST 24 hours! Welcome to Villager Skyblock (it’s not our most clever name, but if you follow our streams then you know October has been kicking our butts! We’re a bit brain fried)

Game Rules:

  • mobGriefing = true
  • Difficulty = normal
  • Pvp = disabled
  • keepInventory = false *Be careful when you die!

How it works:

When you log on you will be at the spawn island. There will be no reason to come back to this island as trading is not permitted. Teams of one to three members will be assigned to their own island before the event starts. Once on the map, go to the hut and you can either visit your Extra Life Villager, or spawn straight to your island. All command blocks are team specific so you will not be able to visit other players’ islands.

Extra Life Villager:

As mentioned before, each island has it’s very own villager. This villager is very special as he will not be accepting your stack of cobblestone. Instead he only accepts a very special “Life Crystal” that can only be obtained through experience OR (this is the best part) in the spirit of the charity we are doing this all for, by donating to the Some Awesome Minecraft’s Extra Life donation page! For every $1 dollar donation you pledge you will receive 1 precious Life Crystal to trade with your villager. Did you lose your bucket? Step on a seedling? Your tree didn’t drop a sapling? Dug up all your grass? Your villager has them and more, but they won’t be cheap. The Some Awesome team is trying to raise $1,000 this year and every dollar you donate to the group donation page goes straight towards the team goal, and 100% of that goes to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. There can not be a better way to turn a day of fun and a few bucks into a good cause.
Note: If you already donated to your own page, or to a fellow team member, we will honor those and give you Life Crystals for those donations. However, any donations made on game day MUST be made to the Some Awesome Minecraft donation page.



Villagers: 1 of each, 1 point for every level
Novice +1   Apprentice +2   Journeyman +3   Expert +4   Master +5
(Note: you may have more than one of each kind, but only one of each will be counted)

Villager Items Challenge:
1 Enchanted Helmet OR 1 Enchanted Chestplate per team member
1 Globe Banner Pattern per team member
1 Bottle of Enchanting per team member
1 Golden Carrot OR 1 glistering melon slice per team member
1 of Any Tipped Arrow per team member
1 leather horse armor OR 1 dyed leather cap per team member
1 Name Tag per team member
1 Block any color terracotta per team member
1 Block any color glazed terracotta per team member
1 Quartz Pillar OR 1 Quartz Block per team member
1 Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe per team member
1 Enchanted Diamond Sword per team member

Village Challenge:
1 house per villager type (total 13 houses)
*Must contain: roof, door, bed, jobsite block
1 Player house
*Must contain: living room, kitchen, and one bedroom/bed for every player on your team
A bridge to your Pillager outpost at least 3 blocks wide

Build Challenge:
Cobblestone generator
Mob box
Wheat farm
Carrot farm
Potato farm
Beet farm
Pumpkin farm
Melon farm
Cocoa bean farm
Sugar cane farm
Bamboo farm
Sweet Berry farm
Chorus Fruit farm
Nether wart farm

Farming Challenge:
Melon slices: 64
Pumpkin: 64
Sugarcane: 64
Wheat: 64
Carrot: 64
Potato: 64
Beets: 64
Cocoa Beans: 64
Cactus: 64
Chorus Fruit: 64
Cookies : 64
Mushrooms: 32 brown, 32 red
Bamboo: 64
Sweet Berries: 64
Nether wart: 64

Food Challenge:
Cook 32 baked potatoes
Cook 32 chicken
Cook 32 steak
Cook 32 pork
Cook 32 mutton
Cook 32 rabbit
Cook 32 fish (total)
Make 32 bread
Make 16 Dried Kelp Blocks
Make 10 mushroom stew
Make 10 beetroot soup
Make 5 Rabbit Stew
Make 5 pumpkin pie
Make 1 cake per team member
(Yes, you may trade with villagers to obtain these items)

Wood Challenge:
32 Acacia wood, 32 Acacia logs, 32 stripped Acacia logs 32 Acacia planks
32 Birch wood, 32 Birch logs, 32 stripped Birch logs 32 Birch planks
32 Dark Oak wood, 32 Dark Oak logs, 32 stripped Dark Oak logs 32 Dark Oak planks
32 Jungle wood, 32 Jungle logs, 32 stripped Jungle wood logs 32 Jungle planks
32 Oak wood, 32 Oak logs, 32 stripped Oak logs 32 Oak planks
32 Spruce wood, 32 Spruce logs, 32 stripped Spruce logs 32 Spruce planks

Animal Challenge:
3 cows
3 pigs
3 chickens
3 sheep
3 llamas
3 turtles
3 rabbits
Collect 32 leather
Collect 32 feathers
Collect 16 eggs
Collect 16 scutes
Collect 16 rabbit hides
Collect 32 wool of at least 3 different colors (96 wool total)
Collect 1 rabbit foot
Tame 1 cat (per team member)

Crafting Challenge:
Craft a white bed (per team member)
Craft 64 torches
Craft 1 Crafting table
Craft 1 Campfire
Craft 1 Furnace
Craft 1 Blast Furnace
Craft 1 Smoker
Craft 1 Barrel
Craft 1 Cartography Table
Craft 1 Fletching Table
Craft 1 Grindstone
Craft 1 Lectern
Craft 1 Smithing Table
Craft 1 Stonecutter
Craft 1 Loom
Craft 1 Composter
Craft 1 Brewing Stand
Craft 1 Cauldron
Craft 16 jack’o’lanterns
Craft 16 paintings
Craft 16 item frames
Craft 16 bookcases (you may use them in your build)
Craft 32 lanterns
Craft 32 purpur blocks
Craft 16 purpur stairs
Craft 16 purpur slabs
Craft 16 purpur pillars
Craft 16 purpur stairs
Craft 60 scaffolding
Craft 24 flower pots
Craft 1 turtle shell helmet (per team member)

Mob Challenge:
64 spider eyes
64 string
64 rotten flesh
64 bones
64 arrows
64 gun powder
32 redstone dust
16 ender pearls
16 glowstone dust
16 phantom membranes
5 iron ingots
Collect or craft a bow (fully repaired)
Collect or craft a crossbow (fully repaired)
3 records
1 totem of undying (per team member)
1 Saddle (per team member)
Collect 1 Pillager banner (per team member)
Collect 1 Enchanted book (per team member)
Collect 1 lead (per team member)

Potion Challenge:
3 potions night vision
3 potions invisibility
3 potions fire resistance
3 potions swiftness
3 potions slowness
3 potions turtle master
3 potions water breathing
3 potions instant health
3 potions water breathing
3 potions healing
3 potions harming
3 potions poison
3 potions strength
3 potions weakness
3 potions feather falling

Redstone Challenge:
16 redstone torches
4 dispensers
4 redstone repeaters
4 pistons

Fireworks Challenge:
32 fireworks total
*4 must be star shaped
*4 must be burst shape
*4 must crackle

Extra Challenge:
5 snow golems (remember to protect them from the elements)
5 iron golems
1 Traveling merchant

Bonus Challenge:
Tame a fox

Yes this is for charity, but it’s also a challenge! So there will be prizes for our winners.

Prizes: (rewards will be divided evenly between members of their team)
1st: 90 levels of XP on AquaNu, 30,000 points on SomeAwesome.com, and a $30 Amazon Gift Card
2nd: 90 levels of XP on AquaNu, and 30,000 points on SomeAwesome.com
3rd: 90 levels of XP on AquaNu

all participants get $2000 SAMCoin on top of what they get from donations

Add your team name and members to the post in our Facebook Group  Remember there is a maximum of 3 players allowed per team. If you do not have a full team and another member would like to play but we are out of space, we may ask that they join yours.
If you are on a solo mission you may say no to additional members.

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  1. Sonja Philip October 30, 2019 12:20 pm  Reply

    1) I dont understand the very first set of “chests” – are those chests we will have with those things in our spawn area? will we have to find them? are they something else entirely?

    2) do i understand correctly that we will each (each team) have our own starting villager?

    3) For the counting of things… you have “lectern” listed under craft challenge, but also in the villager challenge we have to have the job block with the villager – are these separate or does the one in the villager house/area count ?

    4) if you change that spreadsheet, PLEASE let us know – because I’ve already copied it to start organizing…

    5) thank you so much for all this work!! I am sooo excited!

    ~Three’s Company~

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