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I know, it’s been forever. But hey, at least there’s plenty of stuff to talk about. Can you believe that in a couple months it will be our 7th anniversary? I should probably take down the 6th anniversary message on the server login banner. Hoo boy there’s a lot of catching up to do. Let’s get into it.

New Stuff at the Shack

Haven’t changed this up in a while so I’m giving a little love to the shack this week. We’re keeping 4 of the previous options and switching out 6 of them. Here they are:

  • Trenchez: Gives you the Trench Pickaxe, which clears a 3×3 square of (most) blocks. Like the tween cousin of Superpickaxe – $1000 SAMCoin – 24 hour cooldown between purchases
  • Earthz: One of the 4 we left up on the board. Free daily item recycler since they brick themselves so often.
  • Hoez: Gives you a Harvester Hoe. Like an auto-plant scythe. 500 uses – $1000 SAMCoin – 24 hour cooldown between purchases
  • Torchrowz: Another holdover, shoots a torch instead of an arrow, the torch sticks to whatever it hits. Useful for cave reconnaissance – $100 SAMCoin for 10 arrows
  • Clipz: Unbreakable shears with Sharpness 6 – $3000 SAMCoin because they’re basically bling
  • Servbot: If you haven’t gotten one of these yet, now you can buy them from the shack. If you do already have one, don’t try to buy a second one, that won’t work, and will probably take your money anyway – $2000 SAMCoin – One time purchase – Go here for more info on Servbot
  • TPZ: We brought back the Void Bow. Teleport yourself to wherever you shoot – $1000 SAMCoin
  • Catz: Want some cats? Here’s a couple spawn eggs for them. $500 for 2 eggs.
  • Foxes and Pandaz: Last two are holdovers, you can probably guess.


If you go around the other side of the Serverus Shack, we have some chests set up back there. These chests are shops where you can purchase saplings for different types of new special trees. Just plant them in the ground and watch them grow. There are 14 different types, and a couple of them can only be grown on Soul Sand, so keep that in mind. These are $500 SAMCoin apiece and have limited inventory so get them while you can.

Rush Map Updated to 1.16 Snapshot

Sick of bees yet? Well we’re taking the leap to the latest snapshot, which is a pretty beefy update to the Nether. Lots of new blocks, new items, new building items, new biomes, and even a new mob. You will want to make sure that your launcher allows for snapshot installs. This is  checkbox you may need to enable under Installations in your launcher. We will be over here for this week’s episode of Minecraft Monday. You can get there using as the server address.

Side note: Spigot doesn’t have a branch for this yet, so we’re using the vanilla snapshot server jar for this, meaning that there is significant chance for lag. We’ve fixed the max player count so we can get more than 10 players on now but it might chug quite a bit if we have too many folks on. Just a heads up.

Rotten Flesh to Leather

I’ve mentioned this on occasion during the streams, but for those of you who do not watch the stream, it may be useful for you to know that you now have a use for that mountain of rotten flesh you’ve kept all these years because you are a hoarder like the rest of us.

Yes…now you can turn that flesh into genuine leather. Sure it might be 9 rotten flesh to one leather, as can be seen in the crafting image above, but what else were you going to do with it? So yeah.

Player Market & Map Gallery

The CMLs have a veritable smorgasbord of maps ready for purchase at the new gallery, located just down the road from the Command Tower, immediately after the Chicken Racetrack, take a right and go through the hill tunnels. Daedalus has asked me to relay the following notes:

  1. Food and drink must stay in the cafe area.
  2. Kaylee the receptionist llama likes a good knock knock joke.
  3. Make sure to check out the bumper boats out back. Extra credit if you can do doughnuts without hitting anything.

KismetFoxfire would like you to know that there are free item frames with each map purchased. See llama for details.

To the left of the gallery you will see a large cleared area. This is where we will have the player market. There is a form at the bottom of this article where you can put in your request for a spot and let us know what you will want to sell.  We will be using signs instead of chests for the individual player shops, so I will be installing these on a case-by-case basis once the requests have been approved.

Quick Notes

So quick. So satisfying.

  • SA Points are in for Patrons
  • Marriage Master is on until the end of the month
  • Check out the stream on Fridays too when we play 7 Days to Die
  • Want to know what Secret Beta is this month? Look at Patron Posts on Patreon!

Market Sign-Up Form

Your in-game name

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