7 Years Ago Tomorrow

Our First Hunger Games

Ho Ho. Hey Hey. It’s Our Anniversa-ray

There are days when it doesn’t seem so long ago, hosting this server out of our house, on a dedicated Linux box in the living room, connected directly to the router so it would get the best connection possible to the outside world. Then the horse update came out and it potatoed that box to high heaven, forcing us to switch over to third-party hosting.

The rest is history.

Tomorrow we celebrate lucky number 7. I’m not sure 2020 is quite up to snuff for that label just yet, but what I think we CAN say we’ve been lucky to have is an excellent community, and we hope to have that for many more years to come. So thank you for that. We know this time is tumultuous for everyone, it’s nice to have fine folks like you all around to weather it with. Alright, let’s get into the nitty gritty.

Patreon Updates

I posted in the Facebook group about this but wanted to extrapolate on it here a bit just so everyone knows what they should expect. Basically, we’ve paused the pledge processing on Patreon for April and May, and will more than likely extend that through the summer months, if current models portend.

Rather than strip people of their perks, we’re doubling down on them, giving /fly to current Awesome Tier patrons, and bumping up all other current patrons to Awesome Tier, which means you will get an April lootbox, 10,000 points on SomeAwesome.com, superpickaxe, infinite fireballs (don’t hold one while you’re opening a chest), no-cost /repair including /repair all, full backpack rows, and some things I’m probably forgetting. I know, it’s too OP. That’s just how we’re rolling for now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On top of that, if you’ve ever been a patron in the past but had to cancel, we’re restoring you at whatever highest tier you had previously. All this will continue for the duration of this…craziness.

In an effort to mitigate the cost a little, I’ll be moving AquaNu over to what’s called a “Spot Request” on Amazon Web services. It allows us to cut costs by bidding on server capacity, which means there is a chance that we’ll occasionally get outbid and AquaNu will temporarily go offline, but I’ve gotten pretty good at balancing uptime against reasonable bid prices on the Rush Map, so it should be infrequent. I hope so anyway, I probably just jinxed myself. Either way we can save like $75 a month doing it so we’re giving it a go.

4/20 Steam Run Guy

We’re overdue for one anyway, but this will take place on Monday, April 20th, during the stream, with another one on Saturday, April 25th at 3pm EST. All players are welcome to both events, no signing up necessary, showing up will do just fine.

As per usual, both runs will be populated with over 60 Steam keys each, inside a play area riddled with goodies. Also a play area riddled with traps, mobs, maybe even an Akumo Maze, who knows? There will be plenty of floor cake to celebrate the anniversary ?

Superpickaxe and Fireballs will not be on that day. You had to know that was coming.

Easter Head Hunt

Celebrate Easter with us since you’re not doing it anywhere else! You are hereby invited to next Sunday, April 12th, at noon EST in the holiday area. We’ll also have one the following night for the Twitch stream. I guarantee you it will be better than Animal Crossing’s Easter Event ?

Quick Notes

  • Rush Map is updated to latest snapshot 20w14a
  • We’ve changed the FB group from Secret to Private
  • Command of the Whatever is /workbench and /enderchest
  • Lucky Blocks will be turned off tonight, so use what you’ve got
  • I farted. Sorry. I had tacos.


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