Extra Life 2020

Do you believe Extra Life is here already?! That’s right friends, this Saturday, November 7th at 9:00am EST through Sunday, November 8th at 9:00am EST join our Minecraft group in our annual 24 hour challenge map. This year we put a twist on one of the group’s favorite Skyblock challenges with a brand new custom Nether Skyblock!

First, lets take a minute to talk about this charity event and why we do it. In 2015 our Minecraft group lost a treasured friend, Jackson_Wilson to his long time battle with Ewing Sarcoma which is a rare form of cancer that mostly affects children between the ages of 10 to 20. Jackson was one of those people who always made you feel welcome. He started many group efforts to help out his fellow neighbors including “Helping Hands” where players donated materials or time to help other players with their builds. As a history lover, he started our first server history museum back on Main to catalog all the events and game nights we had done in our early days. He also loved the autumn season and Halloween so I believe we all tend to think of him more around this time of year. For those of you who did not have the pleasure of knowing him just know that he would have gone above and beyond to make you feel at home. He will always be missed. We play in honor of him and his memory.

Now let’s get into the challenge. If you’ve never played before, Skyblock is a challenge map where you spawn on a small floating island with very limited resources. You’ll have a list of challenges to complete including surviving, expanding your island, crafting, and collecting. You can play solo or in teams of three, and while having more players can have it’s advantages it also means more resources required so it works itself out in terms of fairness. This is such a fun challenge that everyone seems to enjoy, and over the years we’ve tweaked the map to be bigger and better! We’re excited to be one of the first Nether Skyblock maps (that we could find) and hope you are too! Check out some of the islands you’ll have access too below. This definitely isn’t our average skyblock!

Upon arrival of the server you will enter the nether portal to take you to the team blocks where you will teleport to your island. These command blocks are a one way trip, and as usual, keep inventory will be off so be careful! In fact, here are the game rules so that there are no surprises:

  • mobGriefing = true
  • Difficulty = normal
  • Firespread = true
  • PVP = disabled
  • keepInventory = false *Be careful when you die!

While every island does have limited resources, they possess every thing you need to complete the challenges below. However, sometimes you fall and lose precious items that you need to continue. It wouldn’t be much fun to lose the game fifteen minutes into it (we’ve had it happen before) so we’ve got you covered. Your very own special Extra Life villager will be standing by ready to trade Life Crystals for anything you might need or want. However, these precious Life Crystals can only be obtained through donations made to our SAMC team member on the Some Awesome Extra Life Team. For every dollar you donate you will earn one Life Crystal to trade with the villager. Before you ask, yes, if you donated $20 to the team for the AquaNu flash drive you will also receive 20 Life Crystals on the challenge map.

One of the challenges of building in the nether is the lack of water, and if you’ve ever played skyblock before then you know water is essential to creating a cobblestone generator. Leave it to our awesome admins BBC and Moo to figure out a solution. With a little blue ice, a piece of soul soil, and flowing lava you can make basalt which works fine as a building material. Unfortunately you can’t make tools out of it so your EL Villager will trade basalt for blackstone on a 1:1 ratio. Don’t worry though, you will be able to craft basic tools until you’ve made it over to your villager.

One other thing to note, you can NOT break blue ice with a standard pick. There is one other blue ice block available on one of the nearby islands,Ā  but should you break both of those you will need to purchase additional ice blocks from the villager with Life Crystals so if you decide to move your generator at any point, be sure of it’s placement! To help everyone out we’ve gone ahead and made a starter generator for you on your island.

A survival map in the nether comes with its own challenges, but that didn’t stop us from adding a ton more. Let’s go over the list:

First, let’s get the DON’Ts out of the way

  • No nether portals
  • Do not build below level Y175
  • No Withers (they’ll be disabled so don’t waste time trying šŸ˜‰ )
  • No trading with other teams
  • Do not bridge to a neighboring team’s island

Phew, okay now that that’s out of the way let’s get to the fun stuff…


Nether Homesteading Challenge (14 points possible)

  • A living room
  • A kitchen
  • A respawn anchor
  • A loom
  • Per team member: a work room that includes a crafting table, a brewing stand, and a furnace each.


  • at least 8 wheat plants.
  • at least 8 pumpkin vines
  • at least 8 watermelon vines
  • at least 8 beet plants
  • at least 8 berry plants
  • at least 4 brown and 4 red mushrooms
  • at least 8 planted netherwart
  • at least 4 chorus trees
  • at least 4 oak trees

Nether Farming Challenge: (21 points possible)

  • Crimson fungi: 64
  • Warped fungi: 64
  • Crimson roots: 64
  • Warped roots: 64
  • Crimson Stems: 64
  • Warped Stems: 64
  • Twisting vines: 64
  • Weeping vines: 64
  • Nether sprouts: 64
  • Netherwart blocks: 64
  • Warped wart blocks: 64
  • Shroom Light: 64
  • Wheat: 64
  • Pumpkin: 64
  • Melon: 64
  • Beets: 64
  • Sweet Berries: 64
  • Chorus fruits: 64
  • Oak saplings: 64
  • Cooked Pork Chops: 64
  • Leather: 64

Nether Woods Challenge (28 points possible)

  • Crimson Stem: 32
  • Stripped Crimson Stem: 32
  • Crimson Planks: 32
  • Crimson Hyphae: 32
  • Stripped Crimson Hyphae: 32
  • Crimson Slab: 32
  • Crimson Pressure Plate: 32
  • Crimson Fence: 32
  • Crimson Trapped Door: 32Ā 
  • Crimson Gate: 32
  • Crimson Stairs: 32
  • Crimson Button: 32
  • Crimson Door: 32
  • Crimson Sign: 32
  • Warped Stem: 32
  • Stripped Warped Stem: 32
  • Warped Planks: 32
  • Warped Hyphae: 32
  • Stripped Warped Hyphae: 32
  • Warped Slab: 32
  • Warped Pressure Plate: 32
  • Warped Fence: 32
  • Warped Trapped Door: 32
  • Warped Gate: 32
  • Warped Stairs: 32
  • Warped Button: 32
  • Warped Door: 32
  • Warped Sign: 32

Nether Blocks challenge (23 points possible)

  • Basalt blocks: 64
  • Polished basalt: 64
  • Bone blocks: 64
  • Blackstone Slabs: 64
  • Blackstone Stairs: 40
  • Blackstone Wall: 60
  • Polished Blackstone: 64
  • Polished Blackstone Bricks: 64
  • Polished Blackstone Slabs: 64
  • Polished Blackstone Stairs: 40
  • Polished Blackstone Wall: 60
  • Nether Bricks: 8
  • Red Nether Bricks: 8
  • Cracked Nether Bricks: 8
  • Chiseled Nether Bricks : 8
  • Nether Brick Fence: 8
  • Nether Brick Slab: 8
  • Red Nether Brick slab: 8
  • Nether Brick stairs: 8
  • Red Nether Brick stairs: 8Ā 
  • Nether Brick Wall: 8
  • Red Nether brick wall: 8Ā 
  • Magma blocks: 32

Build Challenge (5 points possible)

  • Overworld Mob Farm (be sure to research how to do these efficiently without water)
  • Hoglin Farm
  • Zombie Piglin Farm
  • Enderman Farm
  • Magma Cube Farm

Note: The above mob farms can be as simple as a platform for the mobs to spawn on and place for the player to kill them

Crafting challenge (16 points possible)

  • 1 ChainĀ 
  • 1 Warped fungus on a stick
  • 1 Soul campfireĀ 
  • 1 Soul torchĀ 
  • 1 Target
  • 1 Netherite blockĀ 
  • 1 Respawn anchor (this is listed above also but you only need one per team)
  • 1 set of blackstone tools (sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel, hoe per team member)
  • 1 set of netherite tools (sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel, hoe)
  • 1 set of gold armor (hat, shirt, pants, shoes)
  • 1 set of netherite armor (hat, shirt, pants, shoes)
  • 1 Bow per team member
  • 64 Arrows per team member
  • 1 Shears
  • 1 Jukebox
  • 1 Flint and steel

Piglin trading challenge (17 points possible)

  • 1 Iron nuggetĀ 
  • 1 Water bottle
  • 1 Potion of fire resistance
  • 1 Splash potion of fire resistance
  • 1 Iron boots with soul speedĀ Ā 
  • 1 Blackstone
  • 1 Gravel
  • 1 Spectral arrow
  • 1 Nether bricks
  • 1 Soul sand
  • 1 Leather
  • 1 Fire charge
  • 1 Crying obsidian
  • 1 Obsidian
  • 1 Quartz
  • 1 String
  • 1 Ender pearl

Special items VILLAGER PURCHASE ONLY (2 points possible)

  • Pigstep music disc
  • Snout Banner

Download Checklist Here

Yes this is for charity, but itā€™s also a challenge! So as usual there will be prizes for our winners.

Prizes:Ā (rewards will be divided evenly between members if on teams)
1st: 90 levels of XP on NetherNu, 30,000 points on SomeAwesome.com, and a $30 Amazon Gift Card
2nd: 90 levels of XP on NetherNu, and 30,000 points on SomeAwesome.com
3rd: 90 levels of XP on NetherNu

***All participants will earn a Life Crystal “trophy”, Pigstep Music Disc, and Snout Banner on NetherNu

This map is sure to be a lot of fun so be sure to sign up below so we can get you preregistered. Remember, teams are allowed 3 members only.

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