Goodbye 2020…and Good Riddance

I know I’m not alone in recognizing the dumpster fire that was this past year, so let’s look ahead at some plans for 2021 and try to pretend that none of that other stuff happened.

Extra Life Prizes Are In

Only took me two whole months but hey, better late than never right? If you donated during/after the event to get a copy of AquaNu and you haven’t received it yet, please let me know (Umbra and Helo21, yours are set to go out on Monday morning). For the 1st place winners, your Amazon cards have been sent via email. For 1st and 2nd place winners, your points have been added to, and if you have altogether way too many points and need to spend them on something, perhaps you would like to take a look at our new merch shop…


We only have a few options on here right now, but we’re testing out the functionality and figured, hey you’ve got points to burn, so we’re dropping this now and will be adding stuff to it as 2021 rolls on. Click here to check it out and let us know how we can make it better (you have to be logged in to use it of course).

If you’ve only signed up on recently and you have a Minecraft account whitelisted with us, we’ve added 2000 points to your account to get you started redeeming and reviewing games, so feel free to throw any questions my way (preferably in the Discord if possible, I’m not always on Facebook).

2021 Twitch Schedule

One of our new years resolutions is to try and stick to a real streaming schedule this year, so here we go (all streams start at 9pm EST):

Mondays: Minecraft (obviously)
Fridays: Friday Night Frights (Tonya and I play horror games)
Saturdays: Community Game Night (will be Among Us this weekend but not always)

We’re flirting with the idea of resuming Date Night on Wednesdays too but we’re not holding ourselves to it, trying to stick to three nights a week is already enough for us old folks LOL so we’ll see ?

Discord Channels

One of our initiatives in 2021 will be to expand our base of community games, which requires us to streamline our Discord server a little bit, so here’s the plan. Next Saturday (January 9th) we will be deleting the #aquanu text channel and renaming the #nether_nu text channel to just #minecraft. We will also be adding an #ark channel that will bring with it a new Some Awesome Ark: Survival Evolved community server. This server will use The Island for its map (since it only requires the base game and because Link and I know this map pretty well) so if you’re interested in that we will be releasing more details on that sometimes next week.

Paper Replaces Spigot

Back in my day if you guys were lagging the server I would waggle my finger about your redstone contraptions and cull your herds of animals indiscriminately after a few warnings but Moo is a nicer guy than I am and so instead he has put the Minecraft server on Paper (which is a fork of our previous framework Spigot) because it is magnitudes faster than Spigot and better at detecting lag so thank him for saving you from mass slaughters ?

Also if you see anything out of wack let him know so we can figure out if it has anything to do with the new build.

Otherwise, have a great year people! Can’t be worse than the last one!

/me punches some trees to knock on wood


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