Easter “Egg” Hunt 2015

Holidays are a great excuse for server shenanigans and all around good fun so it’s a good thing that Easter is upon us!


We will be celebrating Easter with a very special “egg” hunt in the Nu Nu Market. Why do I keep putting the word egg in quotes you may ask? Well these are no ordinary eggs. Last year we used spawn eggs, but with mob griefing turned on for Nu Nu, we figured that would be most disastrous so don’t bother looking for those, there are none 🙂


If you were here for last year’s egg hunt you may remember that we hid player heads around for you to find and collect. We will be doing the same this year. We’ve also included some special ones as well.

So join us, Saturday April 4, 2015 at 6:00pm EST for this holiday event.

PLEASE NOTE: We will need to close the server at 5:30pm EST in order for the admins to hide the eggs and make sure we have everything ready to go.

Check the time in your Time Zone:

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