Geocaching on Some Awesome Minecraft

Geocaching is an activity that I love to do in real life and we are happy to bring it to Some Awesome Minecraft! If you have never heard of geocaching before, it is simply a treasure hunt. It is a wonderful family activity in the world we live in and the world we play in. To start geocaching, head to the new Geocaching Center which is located in the market. There is a CB to the Geocaching Center in the Market Directory and the Game On Command center.



How do I geocache?

In the Geocaching Center, you will find a section for instructions, a Geocache Book dispenser, the Trace your Trackable section and a Hints center.  Here is how geocaching will work: when you visit the Geocaching Center, go to the back of the building and retrieve ONE geocaching book.  This book must be returned when you have found your geocache and please only take one book at a time.  In the book you will find coordinates and information about a cache. Using the x y z coordinates contained within the book, you can navigate to the cache to find the hidden treasure!  Each book also contains a hint on where the cache may be located. That might help narrow down a starting point for you.


Notes on geocaching and cache locations:

1) All caches are located in public properties.  Do not go on any private property to search for a cache.

2) No caches are buried and are in plain site. They may be underneath things so look around but you should not have to dig in order to find a cache.

3) All caches look the same. They are a singles chest with a Geocaching Compass on an item frame on the outside.’

4) Contained within each geocache is the following: a Congratulations book for reading and putting back, a geocaching log for signing and putting back, possibly a trackable (see trackable section for more information), and a number of items.

5) The random items in the chest are the treasure. However, the treasure system is take one, LEAVE one.  If you cannot leave anything, please do not take anything.

6) Always leave an area better than you found it! (Meaning, don’t destroy the area. Be kind to the geocache. Be respectful.)

Once you have found your cache, you have to return the book as there is only one book per geocache in the dispensing system.  No one will be able to find the geocache again if you do not return the book.


What is a trackable?

A trackable is part of a collection of items that remain within the geocaching system.  A trackable can be found in any of the geocaches.  You will know a trackable because it is named and numbered.  Trackables are meant to stay within the geocaching system and are NOT for personal use like the other items that can be found in the chests.  If you find a trackable, take it and return to the geocaching center to sign the log associated with the trackable you found. It will be your responsibility to place the trackable back into the system (meaning, go to another geocache and leave the trackable in it). It is OK if there are multiple trackables in a geocache. Please be respectful of the trackable system and try to return the trackable to a geocache in a timely manner. If you cannot, there is a hopper where you can place the unwanted trackable and it can be placed back in the system.


Ok, what else?

Please be respectful of the Geocaching system. It will not work unless everyone plays nice.  No griefing, PLEASE! And the most important rule, HAVE FUN! Having a hard time finding a geocache? Check out the Hint Room located in the Geocaching Center.  If you are interested in participating in making a geocache, contact Nancy Owen (dancingn27) and she will set you up!


If you find 5 geocaches, sign your name on the Geocaching Masters Wall and contact me (Nancy) to get a prize! Happy Geocaching!









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