SAMC Sealab 2014 Challenge

Some Awesome Minecraft is excited to introduce their very first custom created challenge map! The “Sealab 2014” challenge takes place after a great flood has covered the Over World. The last remaining survivors have built a dome complex under the deep waters in an attempt to begin their lives anew.


The Community Domes:

There are 3 community domes inside the complex.



The Information Dome is the first dome you will spawn in. Here you will find the challenge information along with helpful hints and tips.


The Morriston Dome houses the few surviving villagers.  Their trades are completely unlocked.  The community domes are completely lit up to prevent monsters from spawning.  The only way any of these villagers should meet their end is by one of the players hands. If they are killed they will not be replaced.  Treat them well and you will have access to diamond tools, armor, and other useful villager sold items.


The Market Dome serves two purposes.  Here each personal dome has a space to build a small vendor stall to sell items you’ve collected to other players. This is your meeting place to trade amongst yourselves. The Market Dome is also the location of the experience shops. Experience shops? Yes, in this challenge you have the option of purchasing “rare” and “extremely rare” items with xp you’ve earned throughout the challenge.

(*Notice* Animals that spawn in the community domes are free game. Feel free to lead them back to your personal domes or kill them on sight.)


Important Information/Rules:

Gamerules in effect: mobGriefing false , difficulty normal, pvp disabled.

(*Notice* keepInventory is FALSE. If you die you will drop your inventory and xp.)


There are only 20 personal domes in the complex. Each personal dome can hold a team of 4. If all 20 domes are occupied and we still have people wanting to join the challenge we ask that teams that have not reached the 4 person maximum offer a spot to any additional challengers. This way everyone gets a chance to play and contribute.


Your personal dome has a lit path to the tree, chest, and snow marking the center of your dome. Mobs will be all over your dome. Be sure to grab a sword from the Information Dome when you spawn in to help fight back the mob invasion!

(*Helpful Hint* The snow is important! Don’t let it melt.  If you melt your snow it will not be replaced! Hope for kindness from your neighbors should you lose your snow. You must pick up the snow with a shovel in order to get the snow balls.)

The only cbs on the challenge map are vault cbs. Other players can access your dome so it’s important you store your challenge related items inside those vaults. If something is stolen from your dome, it will not be replaced. However, this does not mean stealing is allowed. If you are caught stealing or accessing another person’s/groups dome without their permission you will be removed from the challenge map whitelist. There will be no second chances. The domes are open for travel purposes and to keep our community together during the event. If you plan on causing strife during the challenge, we ask that you simply don’t ask to be a part of it.

The area under your personal dome is free game for mining dirt, sand, and stone. With that said, you may not mine beyond the walls of your dome. You can mine down as far as you like but we ask that you keep inside the area of your dome to prevent you from hitting open water or accessing your neighbors dome.  If you are caught mining underground beyond your dome area you will be disqualified.

(*Helpful Hint* There is a buried box inside your dome, about 20 blocks from the surface, that contains additional tree saplings and cocoa beans.)

There are materials located outside the dome complex in open water.  Clay mounds, Nether mounds, pumpkins, netherwart, and melons can all be found out in open water.  You may build your own exits to the open water from your personal domes. Keep in mind doing so will allow people an additional entrance to your dome.  There are community exits to open water at the end of every hallway and in the Market and Morriston domes.

(*Helpful Hint* Nether mounds, made of netherrack, hide glowstone, soulsand, and quartz!)

(*Helpful Hint* A couple blocks and a sign or ladder can help you create air bubbles out in the open water!)


Challenge Goals:

Building Challenges:

Build a House – (*Housing Requirements*) Houses must have the following rooms: A living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bed room.  A bed room can ONLY sleep a maximum of 2 people. If you have a 3-4 person group you must build an extra bedroom.

Build a Well (To house your infinite water source.)

Build a small pond (Your personal fishing hole.)

Build a Mob Box/Mob Dropper  (Starting out your dome will pretty much be a mob box. After you light it up you must build a mob box of your very own.)

Build 5 Snow Golems

Farms/Crop Collection:  (*Notice* Auto farms of any kind are not permitted)

Melon farm – Collect 64 melon slices

Pumpkin farm – Collect 64 pumpkins

Sugarcane farm – Collect 64 sugar

Wheat farm – Collect 64 wheat

Carrot farm – Collect 64 carrots

Potato farm – Collect 64 potatoes

Cocoa Bean farm – Collect 64 cocoa Beans

Netherwart farm – Collect 64 netherwart

Cactus farm – Collect 64 Cactus

Food Stores:

Make 32 bread

Make 10 mushroom stew

Make 1 cake

Make 32 baked potatoes

Cook 32 chicken

Cook 32 steak

Cook 32 fish

Animals/Animal Drop Collection:  (*Notice* Animals are limited to 2 of each type in your domes unless you are actively breeding them for food or resources.  When you log off the challenge map be sure to keep your numbers to 2 of each type. That doesn’t mean you can have 2 sheep of each color. 2 sheep.)

Have 2 Cows

Have 2 Chickens

Have 2 Pigs

Have 2 Sheep

Have 2 Horses (Mules and Donkeys count) *Notice* The ONLY exception to the 2 animal limit are horses. You may have 1 for every team member.

Collect 32 leather

Collect 32 feathers

Collect 16 eggs

Collect 16 wool in EACH of the following colors: white, black, gray, light gray, lime, red, yellow, pink, magenta,  green, and orange.

Crafting Challenges:

Craft a bed – (*Notice* If you have multiple people in your group each must have their own bed)

Craft 32 torches

Craft a furnace

Craft a crafting table

Craft 16 jack ‘o’ lanterns

Craft 16 paintings

Craft 16 stone buttons

Craft 64 stone bricks

Craft 64 stone slabs

Craft 16 stone pressure plates

Craft 16 signs

Craft 32 ladders

Craft 32 fences

Craft 16 fence gates

Craft 16 wooden pressure plates

Craft 16 trap doors

Craft 16 levers

Craft 16 bookcases

Craft 4 leads

Craft 32 glass

Craft 32 glass panes

Craft 8 of EACH stained glass in the following colors: white, black, gray, light gray, lime, red, yellow, pink, magenta,  green, and orange.

Mob Collection/Challenge:

Collect 32 spider eyes

Collect 32 string

Collect 16 ender pearls

Collect 32 rotten flesh

Collect 5 iron ingots

Collect 32 bones

Collect 64 arrows

Collect 32 gun powder

Collect 32 glowstone dust

Collect a bow

Collect 32 redstone dust

Capture 1 zombie villager and cure him. (*Notice* Fully unlocked villagers can be found in Morriston. DO NOT cure more than 1 villager in your personal dome.)

Potion Brewing:  (*Notice* You have access to materials to make extended, thick, and splash potions any version of the following potions will count.)

Brew 3 potions of speed

Brew 3 potions of instant health

Brew 3 potions of water breathing

Brew 3 potions of night vision

Brew 3 potions of poison

Brew 3 potions of weakness

Brew 3 potions of harming

Brew 3 potions of slowness


16 redstone torches

4 dispensers

4 redstone repeaters

4 pistons

Celebration Supplies:


Your chance to get creative:

Total of 32 Fireworks, with a minimum of 8 different types (different colors, fade colors, shapes, and effects; will create different types).

Including: At least 4 fireworks in a star shape

At least 4 fireworks in a burst shape

At least 4 fireworks that crackle


After the challenge is over the community will be voting on their favorite dome.  Pretty matters people! Get creative!



1.$20 Amazon Gift Card, free Toad Hut visit and Powermine Hammer
2. $10 in Steam games from the community library and free Toad Hut Visit
3. Free Toad Hut Visit

Bonus Challenge Reward

Powermine Excavator

Important Information Reguarding Rewards:

Teams with more than 1 member should elect a team captain. In the event your team (with 2+ members) wins first or second place the team captain will receive the gift card/Steam deal. Every team member will receive the additional in-game rewards.

The Powermine Hammer and the Powermine Excavator are special tools that will allow the user to mine/dig in a 9 block square. These rewards will be given to the winning team on the main server.

The Toad Hut is a popular service already running on the Main server.  If you receive one of these rewards you will get a FREE visit to the Toad Hut on us.


How to join the challenge:

After reading this article you will be asked (at the bottom in the blue box) to confirm that you have read and agreed to the rules of the challenge. You’ll need to input your name and IGN to be granted access to the server.

After reading /signing the rules please go to the “files” section of the Some Awesome Minecraft Facebook group and list your team in the doc titled “Sealab 2014 Challenge Teams.” Any teams listed BEFORE the members have read and signed off on the rules will be removed. You will not be able to access the challenge map until the challenge officially opens.

Opening Day:

The challenge will officially begin at 1:30pm EST Friday May 23rd 2014 and will run for two weeks closing on Friday June 6th 2014 at Midnight.


Special Thanks:

Late one night a few months ago Tonya mentioned building a bio-dome on the main server as a community project.  For those of you who have built domes…you know how much fun that is. For those of you that haven’t built a dome yet, trust it’s probably the most painful building experience in Minecraft. Tonya’s idea sparked a wildfire of inspiration however and for that the real credit behind the “Sealab 2014 Challenge” has to go to her. The next time you see her, thank her for just being awesome…and being a Pauly Shore fan!

Serverus, what would we do without you? Thank you for allowing us to bogart the alternate server to set everything up and for continuing to indulge our mania for challenge maps.

Amanda and Nancy , as always, it was a pleasure working with you ladies. Thank you for the suggestions and input.  Things wouldn’t have come together as quickly or as smoothly without all your hard work.

If Emma thought she wasn’t going to make this list she’s sadly mistaken.  Thank you for covering the admin work on the main server when the rest of us were on the challenge map….and let me be the first one to congratulate you for your inevitable win.

Thank you to our community! That’s right! You! Thank you for your patience (we know some of you missed the Rush map something fierce) and understanding as the work was being completed. The Admin team really hopes all that waiting paid off in the end and you’ll enjoy the challenge prepared for you.  Good luck and have fun with it! As for me, if you’re looking for me, you better check under the sea cause that is where you’ll find me!


Winners Circle




*BONUS CHALLENGE* had to be revised & there was no winner selected, but everyone received power shovels.


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